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This mosquito trap/killer works on advanced Aero Technology, mosquitoes are attracted near it using the UV light and then high speed fan traps them into the bottom container of the machine. Mosquitoes dehydrate and die shortly after. Main advantage of this technology is that it is completely free from harmful chemicals used in traditional machines, a highly recommended product for babies. Moreover, it saves money with no maintenance cost and is build using durable & efficient brush-less fan and Led lights. Its uses only 3W of electricity, Running cost is around Rs. 91/- Per Year (13 Units @ Rs.7.00/-) if the machine is kept running for 12 hours a day for a year. NOTE: Mosquitoes trap based on Aero technology works best in dark places. Machine sound is equivalent to one computer fan noise FEATURES * No side effects, No refill cost * Efficient DC Brush-less Motor * Durable Motor & LED * Can be used as Night Lamp * Odorless

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