Search for happiness within you - Deepa Roy Chowdhury, Founder of Value Life Skills

We recently got the opportunity to interview Deepa Roy Chowdhury, who is a Life Coach and Founder of Value Life Skills. She has made quite a few career transitions in pursuit of her passion and calling in life. Read her full interview below to know more about the lady on a mission to make the world a happier place with reduced stress:

1. What is the meaning of your name "Deepa"?
Deepa means “Diya,” a Lamp or Light!I would be happiest if I could live up to my name and spread
the light of happiness wherever I go.

2. How would you describe yourself in a sentence? 

I am a person who goes by passion and inner calling in life- if something makes you feel good and
happy from the core of your heart, that’s what you should be doing in life and not just because
another person or society thinks it to be right for you.

3. What were your childhood dreams ?

I wanted to become Administrative officer since my childhood and I did become one. I cracked the
Rajasthan Public Service Commission examination and got into Rajasthan Tehsildar Services. All my
batchmates are now SDOs and ADMs and I would have been one too but after getting into
administrative services, I found I was not meant for it. Instead of clinging on to it and making
myself unhappy for the rest of the life, I resigned from there and followed where my heart and
passion took me in life.

4. Tell our readers about your education?

I have been brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. After doing my schooling from Bright Lands School
there, I pursued BA (Hons.) from the Maharani’s College of Jaipur and then MA in Public
Administration from Rajasthan University. As I wanted to become an administrative officer, I
studied Public Administration in depth. I am also UGC NETqualified lecturer in the same subject. 

5. Do share your corporate work experience in different organizations?

After resigning from Rajasthan Tehsildar Services, I wanted to follow my passion of writing so I
got into content writing and the associated online marketing. I worked with companies like
IndiaMart and Net4 in NOIDA where I moved from Jaipur after my marriage. I have also worked with
CORE which was consumer grievance redressal cell of Ministry of Consumer Affairs- the
‘jagograhakjago’ fame. As I also felt an inner calling to serve people, I had been associated with
various NGOs, especially working for girls and women. I have volunteered for NGOs like YUWA in
Ranchi which empowers tribal girls through Football and education, Shirdi Sai Baba Society in
Faridabad which works for upliftment of underprivileged sections, CSR Research Foundation in
Delhiwhich works for menstrual hygiene and awareness.

6. When and why did you decide to be a motivational Life Coach ?

There was a time in my life when I was depressed and confused about everything going on in my
life.Despite having a successful career and wonderful family, I was not finding peace and
fulfilment. In this tough time of my life, I was desperately trying many things to get happiness
and satisfaction. I was reading hundreds of books, doing numerous courses, going to seminars and
workshops but nothing seemed like working. And then one day, I attended afree workshop on Neuro
Linguistic Programming in Delhi. And you won’t believe, in this free workshop, where my mentor
Shri Ram Verrma conducted many NLP exercises, one particular exercise gave me my purpose of life.
I was so overwhelmed; it was like something divine happened to me. I was in tears but not that of
sadness, it was a whole different experience that can’t be even explained properly. Suddenly, I
was blissful and had clarity about everything. That day, I decided to do the course of NLP Master
Practitioner and eventually became a Coach, one who intends to heal people physically, mentally
and emotionally. I want people to be stress free and happy and that’s my mission of life now.

7. Can you elaborate the various services which you currently offer as a Life Coach?

I do counselling for life issues faced by people. If anyone is tired of painful memories, anxiety,
fear, depression, anger, failures, physical diseases, relationship issues, worries about uncertain
future, lack of purpose or fulfilment in life, or feels unhappy due to any reason, they may talk
to me or WhatsApp at 8826604380.

My company ‘Value Life Skills’ also conducts corporate training in soft skills and life skills
that are customized as per the client organization and also according to the changing job scenario
in the present digital era. Our “Relax Mind with NLP” is the most popular corporate training
program that I have conducted in companies like Indian Oil in Gurgaon and CA Women Conference in
Faridabad. This photo gallery will help you understand clearly about our workshops and training

We also do Life skills training for school and college students. This type of training helps
students deal with significant life changes and challenges such as bullying, discrimination,
phobias, traumas, stress, depression and many more. It prepares them for the challenges and
opportunities of adult and working life. If anyone is interested in demo sessions in some school
or college, they can connect with me by mail at or talk to me at

I also do workshops on staying happy and healthy using the power of subconscious mind. Anyone
willing to organize these workshops can contact me at 8826604380 or
We do a demo workshop for a group of as small as 4-5 people too. The idea is to make people
understand the immense power of their minds and how health, wellness, success, happiness,
everything is there within themselves only and how they can achieve it through simple mind

I have online courses as well for people who do not have time to attend my workshops. Connect with
me at to know about my online courses.

I am also coming up with a free online program soon where anyone can take benefit of this
beautiful and extremely effective technique of NLP to master their minds and transform life for
better. To attend these free courses, you just need to subscribe to my YouTube Channelor like my
Facebook Page where I plan to make these free courses available soon.

8. What are some of the key challenges which you face in your profession ?

It is a challenge to convince people that all the happiness they are searching for in this world,
lies there in themselves! While people spend a lot of money in getting happiness from things like
gadgets, movies, fine cuisine, expensive vacations, branded things, they are not ready to do such
courses that shows them the way to be really happy. I am not saying that they should not spend
money on things they enjoy, of course they should- on whatever makes them happy. But if they want
true everlasting happiness, they’ll need to look within and master their minds to transform their

And because I always take up challenges as opportunities, I won’t make the issue of money stop me
from making people happy from within, as I have mentioned earlier too, I am coming up with a free
online program soon on myYouTube Channeland Facebook Page

9. How has been your experience with Glad2baWoman Business Community?

Glad2baWoman Business Community is an amazing platform for women entrepreneurs where each woman is
there to help everyone else in the community. It is unlike the other networking groups where you
cannot have two people from the same profession. There are so many amazing women here who belong
to same profession and yet remain respectful and helpful to each other. One more thing that I like
about this community is their social responsibility that they carry out so beautifully every month
by contributing money, things, time and whatever is required by lesser privileged people under
their ‘Anant’ project.Every month they are helping one NGO working on ground for our less
privileged sections of society. Kudos to these wonderful women!

10. What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women empowerment for me is when a woman feels competent, respected and loved enough for whatever
she is doing in life by her choice. Whether she’s a home maker or a working woman, or an
entrepreneur or whatever, she must feel respected and loved and for this she doesn’t have to
depend upon people around her. She must be so strong from within that it should not matter what
others think about her. But this also doesn’t call for arrogance in her. In fact, an empowered
woman is one who respects and loves herself as much as she respects and loves others in her life.

Each woman goes through her own struggle while living her life by her choice and each one of them
is a hero in her own right. 

I have been working for women empowerment since long with NGOs and individually too. I have also
founded the website where I interview common women from all walks of life who
have shown uncommon courage and got where they are in their lives now. This inspires other women
to lead their lives by making themselves empowered!

11. When not working, how do you unwind ?

When I am not working, I am either writing or reading. These are the two biggest passions of my
life. I write a lot, anything – poems, stories, blogs, I am even writing a book that I hope, I’ll
complete soon. And yes, I do meditate a lot. This keeps me refreshed, positive and energized all
the time.
All in all, I remain stress-free and happy always- working or not- and that’s the mantra of my
issue free mind and life!

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