Ek Kitchen Ho Sapno Ka - top 10 recommendations for dream kitchen

Everyone wants to build a dream home! However a dream home is incomlete without a dream kitchen - Ek Kitchen ho Sapno Ka !  
Mentioned below are some must have products for your dream kitchen as recommended by Mahamaya Kitchen Hub, a large retail showroom for all your kitchen needs based in Kankurganchi, Kolkata. 
1.A good quality gas stove, size would vary depending on your family size.

2.Good quality Stainless Steel kadahi, pressure cooker,cookwares and cutleries. It could be for your cooking or for your dinning purpose as steel is also good for health ayurvedically. 

a. One should have triply Stainless Steel kadahi which is very in now a days as it cooks your food faster and is also healthy ayurvedically.As its a heavy gauge Kadahi it will not let your food stick at the bottom while cooking  and it's also easy to maintain. One can also use iron or brass kadahi as well if one can maintain it. 

b. Start using Steel pressure cookers instead of Aluminium ones as Aluminium one stains faster, corrodes faster and acidic food cooked in it develops a metallic flavour

3.A set of knife which includes a chef knife to do the bulk of your cutting,a serrated knife for cutting bread and a pairing knife for slicing or mincing smaller items.

4.A collection of small kithen appliances which includes your mixer grinder, food processor, microwave and toasters. It makes one's job easy and faster. 

5.A nice pocketed Apron and a kitchen towel to keep you and your kitchen clean.

6.A chopping board which will keep your working table clean and assembled. 

7.A good mix of various sizes of mixing bowl. It could be of steel, glass, bone China or any other material as it can be used for different purposes as well.

8.Strainers and Colander baskets.

9.Spatulas,whisks,tongs,spoons and a sturdy cutlery holder to hold them up.

10.The other cookware one should have includes tawa, saucepans, frypan, saucepots.

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