Perfection in Art just an illusion - Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

An artist portrays her thoughts, imagination and ideas in her art. It’s always a continuous process and can be fueled only by artist’s creativity and definitely not by her quest for perfection. 

An artist’s mind is not like a machine that is programmed to achieve a predefined outcome. Then is it right to compare a handmade product with machine made output? 

The raw material used might be same but the difference lies in the key input which is the mind’s creativity versus machine programming to achieve a set objective. 

An artist cannot be even expected to exactly copy her own work as art is an evolving process and cannot be restricted to any particular boundary of thoughts or imagination. Each and every piece is the blend of artist’s own emotions and creativity and it cannot be perfectly tuned to what an art buyer will look for. A handmade product is made for artist himself first, as he/she derives a sense of satisfaction and inner peace. The perfection of an art piece is defined with this sense of satisfaction but not with a materialistic view point of an art buyer. 

Perfection can be expected from a machine made product. Human being is intended to be imperfect and it should be spiritually accepted in all forms of Human life including art.

We at Dharohar never expect our artists to make a replica of one product and even expect our customers to respect the minor changes in one product from other. It is more appropriate to evaluate the time and labor of an artist more than the final product. 

Author: Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

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