I am ambitious and driven - Preety Ginoria, elegant Founder of Elegans

I am ambitious and driven - Preety Ginoria, elegant Founder of Elegans

Preety Ginoria loves playing with different innovative designs and recommends cotton fabric which is soothing and most comfortable for the body. Her son motivates her and she gets un-wavering support from her husband and family ! Read the full interview below of creative fashion designer - Preety Ginoria:

1. What is the meaning of your name - "Preety" ?

Preety means Love and Happiness.And I strongly believe in being happy all the time.


2. How will you describe yourself in one sentence ?

I am ambitious and driven.

3. Tell us about your education.

I did CS , MBA (Rural Development) ,Fashion Designing , Graphic Designing and 7 years degree in painting.But no field excited me as much as fashion.I always wanted to play with creations and this field satisfies my passion.

4. When did you start the women apparel brand - Elegans? What motivated you to start it?

As i told you earlier I did fashion designing and was very passionate to create new designs .My husband runs a wholesale cotton fabric business and for me getting fabric  was very easy.About 4-5 years ago I used to design and stitch my own clothes.My son motivated me to start the apparel business.He said "Mama if you can design for yourself so well then why not for others " and he is the continuous source of motivation to me.At times when i feel low he supports me so well.I started my business in November 2018.


5.What are the key things about your work which you enjoy the most ?

Innovating new designs according to the clients needs,  taking challenges ,and then getting a beautiful end result are the things I enjoy the most.


6. What are some challenges which you face in your business and how do you try to overcome the same?

Client's dissatisfaction disappoints me the most and then it becomes a challenge for me to make the client happy no matter how much it costs to me.My clients are my first priority and it takes me to the other world to see a satisfied smile on their faces.


7. Has your family been supportive in your business journey?

Yes very much.I appreciate my husband who has been so helpful to me.As doing business was not my cup of tea but he guided me in every step.Thanks to my in-laws, they understood my passion,my children who supported me all the time.Without my family I am nothing.


8. What are the different fabrics that you work with when making women apparel?

I love working with cotton the most.They give you a soothing effect and are very comfortable for our body.I also use all types of silk,cotton silk,crepe,georgette etc as per clients need.


9. Do you make indian ethnic wear only or make other styles too like Indo-Western and Western women apparel ?

Whatever work comes to me I take it as a challenge and try to make it as per the clients need.But I love to make Indo-Western dresses.They always  change your looks and there are so many variations to work with Indo-Western clothes because they are a combination of Indian and as well as Western look.


10. How has the Glad2baWoman Business Community platform been useful for you ?

GBC platform has been a miracle for me.I met so many like minded women who are always ready to help and encourage you.I loved the concept of GBC: Help others and you automatically get helped.And thanks to the Founder of GBC, Mr Sundeep Tibrewal and his team who play an important role in promoting this platform.The micro franchise concept of GBC holds great promise and my brand has already got a franchise partner via GBC platform and hope it will be useful for our franchise oartner and our brand ELEGANS.


11. Some quick fun questions about you:

a. Your favourite movie - Pretty Woman

b. Your favourite actor - Julia Roberts and Akshay Kumar

c. Your hobby - Music, Designing clothes and Painting


 12. How can someone contact you?
I am reachable at 9831798550 and my home based boutique store is located at:

Mahabir Apartment 90 Golaghata Road

Flat 3D , 3rd Floor


West Bengal

Do check out some of my apparel collection at: http://www.glad2bawoman.me/seller/804/Elegans