What is Crochet art? – By Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

What is Crochet art? – By Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

A Crochet artist explores his/her inner creativity and imagination by turning yarns/threads to a fabric using simple crochet hooks. It will be right to say that a painter paints with Colours but a crochet artist paints with yarns.

The fabric is then transmuted to an unexpected masterpiece ranging from a 2D object like a scarf, or a bed sheet etc to even 3D crocheted sculptures/dolls.

But sadly, this beautiful traditional art is losing its presence in India and to this end, DHAROHAR aims to showcase such art pieces curated by women who possess this skill but do not have a good platform to display the same.

We welcome all such women who would like to showcase their art via our brand – Dharohar.

Please visit our Facebook page for a wide range of hand crocheted products http://fb.me/dharoharbazaar or you can also check out some of our products at the Glad2bawoman portal for women entrepreneurs: http://www.glad2bawoman.me/seller/805/Dharohar

This is a niche domain and we are exploring it further. Currently we happily accept any custom orders. We take it as an opportunity for our artists who can utilize their skills to earn a livelihood for their family!


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