India's First Woman Flight Commander - Shaliza Dhami

India's First Woman Flight Commander - Shaliza Dhami

This is a proud moment for India as Shaliza Dhami, a wing commander of India Air Force became the first female flight commander. In Uttar Pradesh, at Hindton Airbase Shaliza Dhami took over Chetak helicopter- a flying unit as a Flight Commander after serving the country for 15 years. She is the second officer after the commanding officer. Her elevation to this position has opened ways for many female officers who serve the country through India Air force.

Chetak helicopter which is the flying unit which she has taken over is a light utility chopper. It can accommodate 6 people. It can also take a weight of 500 kg and can fly at a maximum speed of 220 km/hr.

Shaliza Dhami is an inspiration to many and she proved that no dream is too big to achieve and dreams do come true.

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