Women should have more power for decision making - Nikita Bardia, Co-Founder FitNest

Women should have more power for decision making - Nikita Bardia, Co-Founder FitNest

Having a passion for being healthy and fit is what motivated Nikita Bardia, Co-Founder of FitNest, to pursue a career in Food and Nutrition. She also believes that women should not be restrained to the 4 walls of the home and should explore more possibilities. We always wish "Victory" for Nikita. Read her full interview below: 

1. What is the meaning of your name "Nikita"?

Nikita is of russian origin and it basically means 'Victorious' or 'unconquered'.


2. How would you describe yourself in a sentence?

I feel i love to explore new things in life and very passionate about my work.


3. Kindly share your education journey with our readers.

I have done my schooling from Birla High School where I had commerce as my core subject. But, I chose to do B.Sc in Food Science and Nutrition Managment from J.D Birla college followed by M.Sc in Food and Nutrition. I did my internship in Columbia Asia hospital and B.P Poddar hospital for 2 months each. Recently, I have also done a diploma in Acupressure Therapy from Acupressure Sansthan, Jodhpur.


4. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in health and nutrition?

Even though i had commerce as my core subject, I had no intention of pursuing it. My father came across this course in the paper and asked me to find out about it. 

Having a passion for being healthy and fit, it led me to pursue this as my career. 


5. When and how did you start your venture FitNest along with your partner, Megha Jalan?

While I was still pursuing my masters, I wanted to do something on my own. Even with the little time I had, I wanted to utilize it as there was so much to learn.  

The theory knowledge was very different from the practical experience I got during my internship. I knew Megha from college. She had been a few years senior to me as well as a professor in our college. She had started her own diet clinic just a month back and I thought it would be great experience to work with her. This is when FitNest was started- December 2014.


6. What are the different services that are offered by FitNest?

FitNest is a diet studio where we provide custamized diet charts to each of our clients. 

we provide

a. Body composition analysis

b. Diet consultation

c. Weight management packages

d. Disease management

e. Detox diets

f. Sports nutrition

g. Pregnancy diets

h. Accupressure therapy


7. You have been a member of Glad2baWoman Business Community? How has been the experience?

I joned Glad2baWoman in March and my journey has been great so far. I have met so many new people who do interesting work. I built my contacts and also partnered with a co-member in her new product. It is a great platform for like-minded women who have started their careers. Glad2bawomen provides the support and the push that we need to make, that step in our business that we were afriad of. Plus, we get great advice from our mentor Sundeep Tibrewal. I would like all women entrepreneurs to atleast visit our meetings. I am sure the vibe would make you join us in our mission.


8. How do you unwind when you are not working ?

I love watching tv series and playing games. When I am not working, either my netflix is on or I am plalying card/board games with my family.


9. What does women empowerment mean to you?

For me it woud mean empowering women in every aspect of their lives. Giving them the power for decision making, taking lead in business and not just restraining to the 4 walls of their homes. Giving them the respect and the status in the society that they are capable enough to handle the competitive world.


10. Three unchecked items from your wish list ?

The first would be getting an own studio for FitNest where i can also conduct acitivities and workhops.

The second would be learning kickboxing. 

The third would be to see the Harry Potter set. (I am a BIG FAN)


11. How could someone connect to use the services of Fit Nest ?

They can reach out to us through any of the following mediums

- Whatsapp/ call  +91 9831116114

- facebook  fitnest9

- instagram fitnest9

- website www.fitnest.net.in

- email fitnest9@gmail.com

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