Not to Prove We are Better Than Men, But To Share Responsibilities Equally - Sweta Choudhary, Partner, Mile High

Not to Prove We are Better Than Men, But To Share Responsibilities Equally - Sweta Choudhary, Partner, Mile High

Sweta Choudhary,Partner of travel company - Mile High, loves to travel of course ! She multi-tasks to manage both family and her work with the support of her family members and draws great inspiration from her mother. Read Sweta's full interview below:

 1. How would you describe yourself in 3 Words? 

 I am a patient, creative and hard working person.


2. Kindly tell our readers which school and college did you attend?

 I have done my schooling from G.D.Birla Girls High School, Kolkata in the year 1995.I graduated in Accountancy Honors from The Bhawanipore Education Society College, Kolkata in the year 1998.


3. Tell us about your travel company - Mile High and what services it offers?

Mile High started in the year 2000 and currently it has a team strength of 15 employees,looking after the domestic, international air reservations, holiday packages, passport, visas, travel insurance, foreign exchange, cruising, hiring local transportation and all travel related services.

We are specialized in domestic air ticketing for low cost carriers like Indigo,Go Air and Spice Jet offering attractive corporate fares and have experience in making tailor made packages for Bhutan,Kathmandu,Thailand,Singapore,Dubai,Bali,Malaysia,Russia and more...


4.What are some of the business challenge you face in the company and how do you try to overcome those?

Often we are faced with the fund flow problems and retention of good staff.However we are trying to improve the collection of payments from our customers. 


5. What are some unexplored niche destinations which one should travel to in India?

To name a  few unexplored beautiful places in India, one could think of visiting Hazaribagh in Jharkand, Bhalukpong in Assam, Sathodi Falls in Karnataka, Kalpa in Hiamchal Pradesh, The Silent Valley National Park in Kerela, Bhandardara in Maharashtra, Mechuka Village in Arunachal Pradesh and more..


6.If one wants to have a weekend getaway from Kolkata, which are some places that you would recommend?

Digha, Mukutmanipur,Gopalpur on Sea, Raichak on Ganges, Vedic Village,Shantiniketan, Mayapur,Taki,Sunderbans,Bishnupur,Piyali Island, Breathing Earth are few places to name where one could go during weekends to unwind from their daily hectic schedules of city life.


7.Tell us about your family. How easy or difficult is it for you to manage work at home and office? Does it get overwhelming at times? 

I live in a joint family with my in-laws who are retired and children still in school.Its quite a challenge at times managing both home and work.Its pretty tiring as well but if I see the brighter side, to acheive something one has to work hard towards it. However my in-laws are very supportive as they help in looking after the home to their best of their ability and they make my work load a bit easier.


8.How do you relax and unwind?

No matter how tough it gets at times to balance both home and work,I find my ways to unwind from challenges... Being passionate about travelling,music,dancing,art, I just take short breaks with the same and get into action fast! 


9.What does women empowerment mean to you?

To me"Woman Empowerment" means to give her the liberty,space and opportunities to show her potential,not to prove that she is better then men but that she is equally supportive, organised and can share the responsibilities equally.


10.How has been your experience as a Glad2baWoman Business Community (GBC) member?

Its been a wonderful experience till now being a GBC member. It has provided the most needed platform for networking and getting to know inspiring Women entrepreneurs.GBC has provided a forum to reach out to masses and build contacts, helping our team members,getting to know of varieties of business and most importantly making Friends as good as Family!


11.Who are your role models and inspiration in life ?

We all have someone to inspire and lead us in our lives.For me it's my MOTHER who has been a role model and always inspired me.Today she is not physically present with me but her life has motivated me to be a woman like her! A woman who mastered to manage her home as well as building up her own business from scratch which later became the bread and butter of family!

A woman with a very progressive thought process during those times when educating or stepping out for work for a woman in a Marwadi community was a big challenge! She will always be an inspiration to me.


12. Some fun trivia questions for you:

a. Your favourite movie - There are quite a few movies from the past which have been my favourite.To name some of them: 

i.   Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar  

ii.  Rang de Basanti 

iii. Chak De India and more..

b. Your favourite book - I am not at all a book lover however I love reading sequals of "THE SECRET" by Rhonda Bryne.

c. The best place you have traveled to and have fond memories - Though I have not been able to explore too many places but Singapore and Malaysia have been  the best so far.The memories of that vacation are still fresh.

d. One place you have not visited yet and want to visit - Switzerland is in my bucket list and I am hoping to make it soon to that wonderful place!


Sweta is reachable at:


Mobile: 9830583500 

Office address:

179 Anandapur Main Road,Siddha 5th Avenue,3rd Floor, Suite No.3C.Kolkata-700107.


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