When children learn, they transmit a vibe of pride - Rina Agarwal, Founder of Learning Impulse

When children learn, they transmit a vibe of pride - Rina Agarwal, Founder of Learning Impulse

Rina Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Learning Impulse, started her venture just five years ago and since then has never looked back. Her parents and her teachers have been her role model in life and now she would be a role model for hundreds of students, helping them realize their true potential and express themselves better - confidently !

1. How would you describe yourself in a sentence?

I am modest, but hard working and I consistently set firm goals for myself.  Then, once I've defined the benchmarks, I take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones.


2. Please tell our readers about your education journey? As a student what did you want to become?

I have done post graduation in advanced computing. As a student I wanted to become a techie. I always liked to do new result oriented things. As a techie I enjoyed when my targets were achieved.


3. When did you start Learning Impulse? Was this your first business venture or did you try another venture earlier?

I started Learning Impulse in year 2012. This was my second business venture. I got married in year 2007 and I was running a software firm at that time. 


4. What were some of the business challenge you faced and how did you overcome those?

Current era is fast pace and market changes at high speed. 

a. Five years back when I started learning impulse, marketing awareness was generally through leaflets, posters and bulk SMS. Eventually new medium like social media and Whatsapp evolved. Catching up with the pace and being a part of advantages and disadvantages was a challenge.   

b. Today Learning Impulse is having nine subjects over a span of 1.5 to 15 years. We have started from the very basic which means that making of lesson plans, beta testing and correction was a tedious back office task.

c. We started with Rs 500/- and the fund was ploughed back to the organization as a growth process. With very limited fund sustainability and growth was and is still a challenge. 


5. What are some of the popular offerings of Learning Impulse? 

Amongst several offerings most popular is being a part of Learning Impulse family because as a family member the children gets an advantage of  

a. Handpicked and best of the faculties

b. All courses are reinforced with worksheets

c. First Look of all upcoming events 

d. Annual show where children get a platform to perform

e. Discounts in all camps

f. Festive Events complementary or at a very low cost.   


6. What would be your top 3 advices or suggestion for parents to take better care of their children?

 a. Self Learning is the best learning. Take children to park, social circles where they can play and interact with other children.

b. Limit screen time for children.

c. Continuous analysis, appreciation and problem solving will help your child nurture beautifully. 


7. What ensures better development of young children?

Do not spoon-feed your children. Show them a path and guide them. When they will exercise their brain they will blossom to be skilled and independent humans.


8. Are you planning any new course offerings at Learning Impulse?

Yes, we are coming up with course packages which are age specific true mix of academics and vocational courses and that which is not a part of school curriculum.


9. What makes you happy?

When children learn, they transmit a vibe of pride. It may be any age group. At that moment you will see a twinkle in my eyes.  


10. What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women Empowerment to me means independence and equal work share at the root level which is at home. 


11. How has been your experience as a Glad2baWoman Business Community (GBC) member?

GBC right now is making my presence noticeable. I look forward to gain on business front through this forum in near future.


12. Who are your role models and inspiration in life?

I do not have a particular role model. In the path of life I have been inspired by my father, mother, teachers and so many more. Thank you is a very small word.


To know more about Learning Impulse, one can visit the centre at:

Learning Impulse,

CF 119, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 064

Mob: 09874854476

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