Mumma why don't you also work like other moms?

Mumma why don't you also work like other moms?

This is an interesting and inspiring journey of a simple homemaker, Shradha Agarwal, and how her life transformed into an ambitious business woman after her daugther's innocent question one day. She is now a Partner of Arvasaa boutique, selling jewellery and home decor items. Read Shradha's full interview below:  


1. Which 3 words best describe you?


Ambitious, honest and emotional.


2. Kindly tell our readers about your education and work journey so far?

I am not highly qualified nor hold many big degrees. I am just a simple girl and have completed my graduation.

I have always dreamt to have my self-respect and be independent with a good career. When I got married, I thought my dreams were over and I would have to lead a life of an ordinary home-maker. However, as time passed our life style also changed a lot. One day my daughter came from school and asked me,"Mumma why don’t you also work like other moms?" This question again made me think about my career. The most initiatives taken for my career were by my husband. My interest from the beginning was in jewellery.

Initially, I started from home only and used to do exhibitions secretly hiding from my father in law. Gradually all went well, my family started supporting me and even my father in law understood my dream. My friend in USA, who is my partner, also supported me as they already had a boutique there in name of “Arvasaa”. Thanks to my husband, from a home-maker, I transformed into an entrepreneur!


3. When was Arvasaa boutique launched? What motivated you to start this business?

Arvasaa boutique was already launched 4 years ago in USA, but in Kolkata, India it started from June 2016.

The main motive is to make all women look more beautiful by accessorising them and also give all home makers an opportunity to become an entrepreneur by becoming Arvasaa's member. Every woman should be celebrated!


4. Whose support did you get to start and grow your business, apart from of course your own dedication and hard work?

My biggest support and treasure is my husband, Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, who is a Chartered Accountant, and my sweet little daughter, Shreya. Without them I'm nothing.


5. Currently you offer fashion jewellery and home decor category of products. Do you have plans of selling more categories of products like apparels or would you like to focus on what you are doing and add more variety?

Yes we have many interesting plans. To know those you will have to flow with Arvasaa's journey. I am sure you will find Arvasaa at a great height.


6. Your collection is very impressive, congratulations to you and your team. Do you do all the designs or do you have a full time design team or do you outsource the design work to freelance fashion designers?

Thanks a lot for liking our designs, yes we do get them designed by our team and manage our stocks according to the taste of market.


7. How do you manage your family and work responsibilities? Is it very challenging?

By God’s grace, in this matter, I'm very lucky as i have a very loving and supportive family as i stay in a joint family. So for me it has never been a challenging problem.


8.  How do you relax when you are not working?

When I am not working, I really love to play my favourite game Candy Crush, love to gossip with my daughter or take a nice nap.


9. What makes you happy?

When I see a smile on my family members’ face, I am the happiest person that moment. When I am able to fulfil my kids wishes and they again come up with new one makes me happy. I can say I am only happy when I do something for someone.


10. What does women empowerment mean for you?


For me women empowerment means breathing fresh air without any restriction. I feel when God has created both men and women as equal then why should there be any discrimination. All women should have the right to lead their life in the manner in which they want. We as women should get the same opportunities to prove ourselves. Women empowerment basically means confidence to claim one’s rights.

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