Are you a "Queen Bee" or "Catty" who do not want to help other women?

Are you a "Queen Bee" or "Catty" who do not want to help other women?

It is rather very strange that there would be many successful women who do not want to help other women, but it is true that such women also exist and for such selfish women who do not care for their own gender Madeleine Albright had rather harshly stated earlier "There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”.

So basically there are two kind of women. The first kind are the "righteous" and "idealistic" women like Sheryl Sandberg and Madeleine Albright who strongly believe that since women have many odds against them, it is almost an obligation which all women have to help each other as a group and get the equality which they deserve in all facets of life.

On the other hand the other set of women are the "Queen Bees" or "Catty" or "Mean Girls" who believe that they have achieved success because of their hard work. They are of the opinion that women do not face discrimination and they do not succeed or achieve the top positions in different fields because of lack of commitment instead of gender discrimination.

Queen bees do exist but they are far few in number and most women do help other women make good progress in their career. Once queen bees also realize that their perceptions are incorrect and women in general do face more challenges than their male counter part, then women will be bound to benefit more.

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