Always be positive

Always be positive

We are all born to be happy. The reasons that interfere with our happiness are :

1) Ego: We all have a strong sense of perception of who we are, how the world perceives us and how they should look at us. It works on a very deep sub- conscious level. So we have an image and when image is threatened it adds to one’s depression.

2) Integrity with Values- We all have certain values i.e. the things we feel we should be doing. Simplest examples could be waking up in time, taking care of health and hygiene, doing our work in time etc. So if we are not fulfilling our own basic values that further feeds into depression.

3) Society and others- We at times so absorbed in people pleasing game that we forget who we really are. Most of us would be trying to seek others approval of how we should be thinking, behaving. The Society decides your limits whereas working only in integrity with your values would have been enough.


1)Live up to your Values: Do what u think you should be doing like waking up time, going to the gym, taking care of health and getting your job in time etc.

2) Exercise: Researches have shown that regular exercises can help cure it really fast.

3) Learn to LET GO - Don’t stay with people who drain away your energy. Say no to Relationships and Career that you don’t like or you are not comfortable with. You are the master of your own destiny, be independent of the good or bad opinions of other. Let go your pain, anger, hatred because it is only going to harm you.

4)Practise Mindfulness: Practise meditating for at least 20 mins a day wherein you practise to stay in the present moment, try to devoid yourself of any distractions that may be coming into your head. It may be really hard in the beginning but try to continue it for at least 20 mins. On regular practise you will notice a massive positive change.

5) Have a life purpose: Set Relationship, Career and other short term goals for self and work towards it. Start to Explore and work towards Your Life Purpose.

So let’s live our life to fullest and always have a positive outlook.

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