Flaunt your flower power jewellery!

Flaunt your flower power jewellery!

We all know that this season, the trend is all about being bright and bold and beautiful. And with spring just around the corner, the main motif that is doing rounds of the market are flowers of every shape, size and variety.

Flowers hold a very special symbolism to spring – they indicate beauty, renewal and joy. So it is obvious that flowers will be a chosen design where ornaments are concerned – for what woman doesn’t like to look fresh and pretty?

When choosing your flower power design, first consider what you style is – whether it is bright and girly, or understated and elegant.
If it is the former then you have a lot of options to choose frome – the trend this season is to go bold and bright. Wear big flower earrings to lend your outfit a 60’s hippy look, big flower shaped rings in neon shades or multicoloured flower pendants on a long chain around your neck. Flower shapes in loud colours such as green, red, orange and yellow look bright and festive when you loop them around your neck.

The obvious trick to carry off this trend without looking like a fashion disaster is to wear neutral coloured outfits to bring out the contrasting coloured jewellery better. Pair a white tank top with dark blue jeans, slip on a bright pair of ballerinas and complement your outfit with brightly coloured flower accessories. Slip on a large flower ring in neon green or wear dangling roses in blue in your ears. The long chain option is also there – just don’t overdo the brightness, of course.

Flowers also make for beautiful understated jewellery. Beautiful silver roses look lovely when set in a ring or as studs for the ears. Elegant tulips look lovely when set in a pendent on a short chain that ends just between your collarbones. Wear delicate diamond studs in your ears where the diamonds are embedded within silver or gold petals of a daisy. This will make you look beautiful, elegant and innocent at the same time. An elegant flower ring, wrought in silver, will bring out the delicate nimbleness of your fingers or if you wish, wear a large wooden rose or a matte silver one to bring out the elegance of your hands.

Another way that fashionistas are wearing flowers is by using this motif to the fullest extent in hair jewellery – they don’t wear mere clips or hair bands anymore.Beautiful pink rosettes are attached to sparkling hairbands and worn during an evening out. Flower shapes in stones such as turquoise and cracked tourmaline are fashioned into clips and worn on the side of the head, clipped next to a chic bun.

However you wish to wear it, flowers will never fade as a favourite jewellery motif where trends are concerned, they are repeated every year without fail during spring time and sported by celebs, runway models and local fashionistas alike!

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