Recycle fashionably: Make toothbrush bracelets for yourself

Recycle fashionably: Make toothbrush bracelets for yourself

Toothbrushes get thrown out into the trash after the bristles get weak. Most of us never think twice before we throw them out, because what can you do with an old and battered toothbrush? The plastic usually ends up at the land-fill, and adds to pollution forever. However, there is something incredibly innovative and deliciously simple which we can do with our old and battered toothbrushes. We can make bracelets out of them!

Making toothbrush-bracelets is very simple and it consumes very little time. Just take your old toothbrush, and if you want to, you can also borrow old toothbrushes from others who are about to throw them out. You will need pliers and tongs as tools, and you will need boiling hot water in a container big enough to make space for the toothbrush lying horizontally at the bottom. A container filled with ice-cold water will also be required.

In order to make the bracelet, you need to pull out the bristles of the toothbrush very gently with pliers, which should preferably by needle-nosed. While at it, you can heat the water up to boiling point. Keep heating it until you’re done plucking out all the bristles, and then take the container off the stove and put the toothbrush in. It will take some time for the plastic to melt a little bit. Giving it half an hour is a good idea, but if it is not done by then, you can always re-heat the water, but make sure to take the toothbrush out before you do so.

Once the plastic has melted adequately, take out the toothbrush with the tongs. Make sure you do not try to hold it with your bare hands, because that will hurt! After taking it out, use the pliers to bend the toothbrush to make a circle or a square, depending on the kind of shape you want it to be. Guessing the measurement of your hand might get a little risky, but if you do get it wrong, you can always dip it in hot water to fix it after you get an approximation.

After it is bent into shape, all that is left for you to do is to put the toothbrush into ice-cold water to let the plastic harden again. Leave it there for about fifteen minutes, and after you take it out, you will be holding your very own toothbrush bracelet!

Plastic is not renewable, and toothbrushes do not stay forever. However, the bracelets can always be kept forever, and once the plastic starts to look a little dull, you can always paint on it, or add sparkles or rhinestones to it, to jazz it up. It is a very simple but a very innovative way of using plastic which cannot usually be re-used, and which is almost never recycled after it is thrown into the trash. And there is no harm in it if you end up getting some very chic and quirky bangles out of being eco-friendly!

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