"Moderation" probably one of the most important words in our vocabulary. It is a whole philosophy of life for some people. And I believe those people are the ones who have found a healthy balance in their life. It is not about being perfect, it is about coming back on track whenever you are slipping.

Some years ago, every time I was hearing somebody answer any question with “Moderation is the key”, I would get annoyed because I was hoping for a more accurate answer, for something that I haven’t already heard a million times. Then I realized, there is no magic recipe, whether we are talking about a diet, about success or about personal life. We hear every day about a new eccentric diet that could finally make us drop those pounds. You are either supposed to eat only proteins, or you have to eat only fruit the whole day, or even worse starve yourself. So is it easier for us to torture our body with this approach than actually remind ourselves every day that moderation is everything?

We are the ones who complicate our lives unnecessarily. More and more people nowadays go to shrinks. They are usually too stressed in finding their way to a successful career or to a healthy balance between family life and work. Then again, how about keeping things simple and realizing when you are living at extremes by staying at the office until midnight? No wonder you get to the point where you need a shrink. I see girls on the street having so much makeup on that you can no longer distinguish their natural features. They are trying to become something they are not and in the meantime they are losing their own identity. Nobody says makeup is not a wonderful gift for us women, but I believe its initial purpose was to enhance our beauty and hide our little defects. It was not meant for us to take advantage of it and apply a whole bottle of foundation on our face at once.

Apply makeup in moderation. They should put this on every makeup product for girls to see, just like when they warn you that cigarettes could kill you. We all have that little voice in our head that usually warns us when we carry things to an extreme, we just choose not to listen to it most of the time and regret it later. So just keep things simple from now on and only choose to stand out when it is to your own advantage such as when you come up with a brilliant idea at work or have the courage to speak your mind.

Guest post from Luiza Ionescu. Read more of her writings on her blog:

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