I should have learnt to cook earlier

I should have learnt to cook earlier

Hi. Let me start with a brief introduction of myself. My name’s Fizaah and I am a poet, a writer, and an amateur cook. Moreover, I am trying my best to juggle all these things on my own. Sometimes, I end up making a mess of it, while sometimes I triumph. It is a struggle, that keeps me busy 24X7 and I always have the power to take shortcuts, which would make my life easier, but I don’t. And the reason for that is that I also love challenges. So that is a brief about me. I also have a sweet smile, but let us talk about that feature of mine some other time.

I remember I was nearly 16, when my Mom asked me to learn to cook. Apparently, a few friends of mine were learning to cook from their mothers and so my mom wanted me to learn too. I must admit, I was not to keen to learn.

One day, we had a real bad fight in which my dad tried to pacify us. And I yelled, telling my mom – “The only reason you want me to learn to cook is because you want me to get married”. To which my dad told me - and I can never forget this – “We want you to learn to cook to become more independent. It’s has nothing to do with your marriage”. At that age, I did not see it as such.
So I did all I could to never learn cooking at all and I guess after a while my parents gave up on it too.

Well that was years back. I later joined a Hotel Management College, but my disinterest in cooking only led to me burning off dishes. And then came a time, where I got a job away from home. So for the first time in my life, I had to actually cook food for myself regularly.

And that is when all the struggles began. I managed to cook on a regular basis with some help from a few friends of mine. To give you a look into my situation, I lost some 10 kgs in the process. It was difficult and embarrassing at times.

At such times, I just wished I had listened to my parents. What Dad meant by independence was - if I only knew how to cook, I would not have to depend on people, restaurants or packaged food.

Learning a good lesson, I have finally started to learn to cook. Because I have taken an oath to try and not depend on anything as far as I can help it. Cooking my own food helps me to eat healthy and I know what is going in my stomach. Also, I can experiment with different cuisines at home. I realize my mistake now and am much wiser too. And guess who the happiest people are? My parents.

Fizaah is the owner and poet at http://www.thepoetsalley.co/. The Poet’s Alley is a haven where emotions dwell in the form of poetry. Meaning the poems here, are divided into the emotions that they each tell. So, one can find a poem according to their emotions and mood.

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