Exploring the beauty of black jewellery - timeless and elegant

Exploring the beauty of black jewellery - timeless and elegant

In a fashion context, one would generally associate the color black with the LBD or Little Black Dress; however black jewellery has been around for as long as the dress itself, and is now making a permanent mark in the fashion circuit. With its various forms and styles, black jewellery exists through semi-precious stones such as onyx, rubber wrist-lets and studded bracelets and other more unconventional mediums such as feathers, brushed metal and even clay. Once associated with rock music bands and avante garde fashion houses, the legendary wrist full of plain black rubber bands have now become a classy addition to high fashion wardrobes; designers such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano have made them a part of their fashion lines.

One of the first fashion and beauty houses to have embraced black as part of its brand is Coco Chanel. While not directly associated with the jewellery business, the iconic Chanel branding has served to inspire a number of jewellery designers to incorporate monochromatic shades into their lines, which in turn have added a touch of class and elegance to their pieces. The classic black and white combination is timeless, and it is hard to go over the top with dual tones, one of which is black. Black and white geometric patterns became part of geometric jewellery in the 70's and 80's and were endorsed by punk bands and female pop stars like Madonna, who had their own legion of followers, who went on to turn black rubber bracelets and black and white zig-zag patterned cuff bracelets into a fashion staple.

Pairing almost any outfit with black jewellery gives it an edge, which can be sharpened or softened, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. It is common for young concert goers to pair their staple outfits of t-shirts and jeans with customary black rubber bands, and the more feminine crowd might go for shiny black hair bands with attached crystals for a glamorous effect. Black studded and spiked chokers are “in” with the young music loving crowd as well as among those who follow alternative lifestyles, in which case it is not uncommon for them to sport black ear, nose, eyebrow, chin, and navel studs. Black jewellery and edginess evidently go hand in hand.

However, black does have a softer side, and is equally appreciated for its ability to stand out without overpowering an outfit. A simple black onyx pendant on a plain gold chain is classy and understated. A string of synthetic black pearls too, adds slight edginess but is a classic look all the same.

Glamour and black go hand in hand, as it complements both, semi-precious as well as precious stones and serves to accentuate the color of the other stones. Black pearls when paired with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other stones not only look beautiful but draw attention to the contrasting hues of the colored stones.

Whether it is for formal elegance or edgy glamour, black jewellery in its diverse forms is a multifaceted and versatile form of jewellery which is more of a fashion staple than a trend. It is highly recommended for serious fashion followers to have at least 3 variations of black jewellery as part of their collections; a string of cultured black pearls, a set of black rubber wrist bands, and an onyx stone.

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