Raksha Bandhan ~ A tie for a lifetime

Raksha Bandhan ~ A tie for a lifetime

Words will fail to express the innocence, subtlety and oodles of affection that is synonymous with a brother-sister bond. It paints a beautiful collage of mischiefs, pranks, silly trifles, hearty giggles, whispering secrets and a lifetime bond of sharing and caring. The naiveté that this relationship exudes can hardly be matched by any other. It has been truly said that siblings are nature’s way of creating a different us!!

Siblings are not only the very first best friends we are gifted with, but they are our trusted partners in…well, harmless ‘crimes’ and guilty pleasures. They are such confidantes to us that we never mind baring our souls to them, in moments of happiness and agony. Siblings stick to each other through thick and thin, as they witness most of their lives’ trials and tribulations together. We watch each other rise and fall, through triumphs, defeats, desires and dejections.

As we grow up, we may not be able to savour the delight of a brother’s naughty glint in the eyes, or share a warm hug, or exchange a glance when mum suspects we’re upto something, but the attachment that binds us, never fades. There are times when younger brothers often behave like older brothers and assert authority upon us, with the sole intent of protecting us from all harm, while elder brothers almost assume the roles of a guardian, concerned about every little thing in our life!! Further, when their grades go low, or their first attempt at romance fails miserably, they know in an instant whom to turn to, who will lend not only a patient ear but a caring heart as well. Who else but their sisters!! They fight, argue, differ and yell at each other, and the very next hour, crave to cling together for sentimental sustenance. They consult and discuss with each other the major life-decisions, and seek their advice in times of trouble. Siblings are perhaps our sincerest admirers and worst critics, but we can vouch for the honesty of their words, for no one can claim to know us better. In times of crisis, those reassuring hands and disarming look are sure to come to your rescue.

Raksha bandhan celebrates the joyous bond between brothers and sisters. It has evolved as an inseparable part of Indian culture. Raksha bandhan is not just about a day in a year, or a festival, or simply a thread tied to a brother’s hand by a sister, it is an emotion of pure love, a vow of eternal companionship, a promise of unconditional togetherness, in good times and in bad. In the epic Mahabharata, Draupadi tied a strip of her sari around Krishna's hand to prevent bleeding from a battlefield wound and Krishna declared Draupadi to be his sister and vowed to always protect her. Raksha Bandhan only serves to remind us that though life often takes us to different paths, there will always be our brothers who will always care for us, just like we always pray for them.

In Raksha Bandhan, sister applies tilak to her brother's forehead, ties Rakhi to her brother's wrist, offers sweets and gifts and prays for his well being. On his part the brother offers gift or money to his sister as a token of appreciation and also vows to protect her at all costs. It is a great Indian tradition, felicitated with great joy and love by the siblings.

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