Pamper your brother on Bhai Dooj

Pamper your brother on Bhai Dooj

All sisters will agree that they share a unique relationship with their brothers. Sometimes, they will fight like cats and dogs and at other times, the love between them overflows. At times, they are each others best friend and at others, they can’t stand to be in the same room together. However, at the end of the day, the love always triumphs and the temporary enmity and fights are forgotten.

The bond shared between a brother and sister is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in India twice a year, with the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj. While Raksha Bandhan is over, the festival of Bhai Dooj is upon us, celebrated on the last day of the five day long festival of Diwali. On this day, sisters put a dot of vermilion on their brothers’ forehead and pray for his long life and well being. In return the brother promises to protect her from harm and evil and presents his sister with gifts. Legend has it that the Hindu god of death, Yamraj, visited his sister Yami on this particular day and she fed him sweets, garlanded him and put a vermilion mark on his head. She also prayed to the gods to keep her brother safe and happy. The siblings spent the day with each other, laughing and talking to their hearts content and Yamraj vowed that all sisters who take care of their brother will be protected by them. This is how the festival came to being. So it is fitting that all you ladies out there should pamper your brother to the hilt on Bhai Dooj, not only will you spend quality time with your beloved sibling, you will also get treats and gifts from him. You can make him swear he will not fight with you, instead he will protect you when other people fight with you!

This is a very special day for both of you so make plans in advance. First up, plan a grand meal; it is common knowledge that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and your brother is no different. Plan a traditional spread of make it innovative and try out your cooking skills. Instead of the usual fare, why not attempt making sushi, or grilled items? Whip up different dipping sauces to go with grilled fish, meat or paneer, depending on your tastes and make a salad on the side. This will appeal to all brothers who are trying to lose weight. or else, make baked delicacies like pies or stuffed vegetables and pasta. Of course, the traditional fare is also another great option.

A very important part of this festival is the sweet dish. Laddoos and barfis generally top the list of goodies to be eaten after a sumptuous meal, but now gelatos, ice creams of different flavours, a variety of chocolates and cheesecakes are readily available. If you are a skilled cook, try making these desserts yourself to win your Bhai’s heart!

This Bhai Dooj, why don’t you do more than cook for your brother? He is the one who is supposed to be giving you gifts, agreed, but why not surprise him with gifts too? Think about what your brother enjoys and buy it for him – it doesn’t need to be very expensive. A box of chocolates, perfume, clothing, books, gadgets, even personalised tees and mugs would make great gifts – the list is endless! Or else, take him for the latest movie show and treat him to the popcorn while you are at it! Generally, brothers, husbands and fathers are expected to do the buying of gifts and treating – why not make an exception this time!

Make an effort to make this day special and dedicate it to your brother, he will feel extremely loved and pampered and perhaps you will have one less fight over the television!

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