"Opportunity Dances With Those Who are on the Dance Floor" - Shruti Sancheti

"Opportunity Dances With Those Who are on the Dance Floor" - Shruti Sancheti

A senior design faculty for more than 8 years now, this ace fashion designer started her own label in December 2009. Ever since then, there has been no looking back. Let's hear more about her, and her label 'Pinnacle'.

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Dreamer yet pragmatic,nostalgic yet contemporary and artistic yet realistic.

2. How did your own fashion label Pinnacle come about? What or who was your inspiration behind it?

Ever since childhood i would sketch croquis but was clueless about fashion as a vocation,later after studying and teaching fashion,about 5 years back i took a plunge in the world of fashion with my label,however it was a shaky start but luckily i first consolidated my sales and store profile ,then showcased my collection in Lakme,Wills and even international fashion weeks,so i took baby steps in fortification of my infant label.My inspiration is always the glorious weaves,textiles and craft and i find it very difficult to get inspired by abstract concepts,it is history,geography or society which always a major influence and inspiration behind each of my collection.

3. Besides being a fashion designer, you have also been a teacher. How was your teaching experience in INIFD and LAD College?

I love teaching and i feel its a constant learning process,also interaction with fresh minds is always therapeutic and enriching.Both these institutes have been given tremendous respect and affection and recognition to me.

4. What according to you sets Pinnacle apart from other fashion labels?

That would be a difficult answer,but at pinnacle we do our research too seriously(sometimes too in-depth) and yet we offer design solutions for the average Indian women,there is a thin line between ramp to rack and art with commerce is our motto.

5. Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?

Hopefully tapping all possible avenues of design and being a force to reckon with.

6. Share with us your highest and lowest points in your career so far.

The highest point of my career would be the constant support of my clients,doing a govt.sponsered show very early in my career,a letter of appreciation from the PM for my contribution towards khadi ,i think God has been kind so barring few difficulties which i guess everyone faces,no such low points by God"s grace because i feel life is a obstacle race where you got to face each of them to win.

7. How would you advise the budding fashion designers to brave the challenges of this industry?

My advice to budding designers would be follow your instincts and even if you cant do different things,at least do them differently and grab all opportunities because opportunity dances with those who are on the dance floor.Also understand your forte and be practical and realistic about your creations.

8. What are the current trends in this season which you have showcased in your collection?

As a designer ,I don't really understand trends,forecasts and i consciously avoid following them,i believe in timeless pieces with rich textiles and immaculate construction and detailing and impeccable finish .Thus in my latest collection it was celebration of textiles i.e .pochampalli,benarasi,and other silks in vibrant hues and offering design solutions for all.

9. Tell us your views on women empowerment.

A woman is the backbone of the society and if they are supported,nurtured and empowered,the society benefits,women by nature is sacrificing,stronger and practical.Women must be treated equal to men and thus society will flourish and develop.

10. Are you glad to be a woman? Why?

I am glad to be a woman because i can multitask from being a wife , mother,daughter,daughter in law,teacher,designer,business woman to a friend .I can play all such roles easily and adjust according to circumstances and yet on a lighter note wear more beautiful clothes and jewellery than men.

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