A + FA = S: a good formula for your child’s success!

With the latest gadgets like Alexa and Cecret we are truly moving toward the era of artificial intelligence. In today’s era, children are god-gifted with much better understanding of technology. Moving forward, they are going to experience the apex of technology – which is Artificial Intelligence.

If we observe our surroundings, we will realize that we are bringing up super gifted musicians, artists, etc. Each of our children has gifted talents. Our task is to UNLEASH THE GENIUS IN EACH CHILD by identifying their true talents and then impart training accordingly. Imagine trying to educate a super gifted musician into Artificial Intelligence! Sounds familiar? Remember the movie 3 idiots?

So, what training are we providing to our children? Is it only academics? No not at all. Our focus is truly on all round development of the child where academics are just a part of overall training. Being a parent, we know the significance of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Creativity, Communication, Music, Physical development, Robotics, etc. A smart parent understands how to provide holistic learning experience to his child, till the child’s natural frequency or interest are identified. This should be done with the help of the parents and expert teachers or counselors. According to me till age 10 to 12 parents should try and evaluate the interest areas of the child by giving them exposure to different activities. However, once they see a spike in the child’s interest in one particular activity, then parents should go all out in providing the best facilities feasible in that area of interestSo the formula or mantra which will improve the chances of your child’s success is: Academics (A) + Focused Activity (FA) = Success (S)


As a parent we all have experienced that a child will voluntarily participate in activity only if the environment is a happy environment.  Such can be given by an appropriate trainer in a closed group with personal love, care and attention.  According to me, it is the responsibility of the environment to provide a comprehensive platform where the child grows, hones, achieves and showcases his or her learning.

Once we setup the holistic learning as per our child’s interest in a happy environment, under an appropriate trainer and with comprehensive platform, we will equip our child with tools to survive, to prosper and to build up their dreams.


Rina Agarwal,

Founder - Learning Impulse

CF 369, Salt Lake,


Email: rina.agarw@gmail.com

Mobile: 9874854476