I wanted my creations to explore the world like a Rahi

Recently we interviewed the Founder of exquisite jewellery collection brand, Aindrila Guha Ghosh. In her candid interview she shares with us how she started her business and gives credit to her support eco-system of her husband and daughter. Read her full interview below:

1. What is the meaning of your name "Aindrila" ?

A:  Female Star

2. How would you describe yourself in a sentence ?

A: I am a dreamer with creative mind.

3. When and how did your start your venture -      Rahi ? 

A:  An unexpected visit to a bead shop in search of cushion buttons was the beginning of Rahi ,back in October 2015 ,Glasgow, Scotland. The shop , a treasure island of natural stones and a dreamland  for stone lovers like me resulted frequent visits. Made my first three strand necklace under the guidance of the shop lady.  My creations were admired and got my first order from my friend Mithu.

4. Why did you select the brand name as "Rahi"?

A: Rahi my daughter's nickname means "Traveller". Like her , I wanted my creations to explore  the world. By God's Grace they have done that already.

5. You mainly sell handmade exquisite jewellery?

A: Yes, mainly the handmade jewellery that I make . New additions are the pride of Bengal - Kantha  sarees , skirts etc.

6. How do you manage work and family responsibilities ? Is it very difficult?

A: Not really,  but whenever time challanges, my passion for jewellery-making digs out time enough to fit everything.

7. Who supported you in starting your venture and who helps you in managing it or has it been driven only by you?

A: My husband and my daughter are my pillars. Each step is discussed with them. My 12yr old plays a vital role in designing jewelleries. From procuring raw materials to the  making of the items ,packaging and completing orders are done by me.

8. What are the biggest challenges you face in your business? 

A: I do not have a big social circle which restricts to less contacts. The biggest challenge is to reach mass without burning my pocket.

9. Is capital needed to scale your venture a constraint? Would you be open to taking bank loan to grow your venture rapidly or would you rather grow it gradually with your own savings and profit margins from the existing business?

A: Not right now. I would prefer to grow it gradually.

10. What makes you happy ?

Ans : A lot of things do,  acknowledgement of my work, joyous  reviews, glowing comments make me happy.

11. How has been your experience with our Glad2baWoman.me initiative so far?

A:  A pleasant experience so far. Like the initiative of Glad2baWoman.me , which is trying to bring all  women entrepreneurs in a single platform, helping us to reach new heights. 

12. Are you Glad to be a Woman? Why ? 

A: Yes I am Glad to be a Woman. I Can Procreate.

Visit her store: http://www.glad2bawoman.me/seller/256/Rahi-_handmade_exquisite_jewellery_