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Ek Kitchen Ho Sapno Ka - top 10 recommendations for dream kitchen

Everyone wants to build a dream home! However a dream home is incomlete without a dream kitchen - Ek Kitchen ho Sapno Ka !   ...

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“I had full support of my family” – Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

Recently we interviewed Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar, which is an online venture of very ...

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Search for happiness within you - Deepa Roy Chowdhury, Founder of Value Life Skills

We recently got the opportunity to interview Deepa Roy Chowdhury, who is a Life Coach and Founder of Value Life Skills. She has made quite a few career transitions in...

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7 Indian Women Find Place in BBC's 100 Most Inspiring & Influential Women of 2019

It’s a proud moment for all Indians as 7 daughters of this glorious country have found place in BBC list of most inspiring and influential women for 2019. From poet to space...

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Yummy burgers and ugly zits

Genetics and diet play decisive roles when it comes to pimples. Acne might show on our faces but occupy our minds and our thoughts especially when they assume gigantic...

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Why women should buy maternity insurance

The expected (or unexpected) arrival of the stork is always welcome news. Along with the pitter patter of little feet, pregnancy brings untold joy and a life of new experiences...

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How to wear animal print

It is crucial, when you are investing in animal print clothing, to ensure you do not look like you belong in a jungle. Animal print is a hep and sassy print to wear – it can...

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Faux flower party dresses are floral and fashionable

Party dress trends have been particularly exciting this year, with a number of trends reaching back into the good old days of classic, home sewn dresses and accessories, among...

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