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Ek Kitchen Ho Sapno Ka - top 10 recommendations for dream kitchen

Everyone wants to build a dream home! However a dream home is incomlete without a dream kitchen - Ek Kitchen ho Sapno Ka !   ...

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“I had full support of my family” – Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

Recently we interviewed Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar, which is an online venture of very ...

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Search for happiness within you - Deepa Roy Chowdhury, Founder of Value Life Skills

We recently got the opportunity to interview Deepa Roy Chowdhury, who is a Life Coach and Founder of Value Life Skills. She has made quite a few career transitions in...

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7 Indian Women Find Place in BBC's 100 Most Inspiring & Influential Women of 2019

It’s a proud moment for all Indians as 7 daughters of this glorious country have found place in BBC list of most inspiring and influential women for 2019. From poet to space...

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Review of Ek Thi Daayan, The Croods, Lessons in Forgetting and The Host by FSJ

All movie reviews done below are by our movie review partner Film Street Journal:...

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Checkout counters make you fat!

Supermarkets, departmental stores and malls are a regular destination for many of us today – to shop at and to relax and “chill out” at. Shopping for necessary items is also...

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Oprah Winfrey's success formula - Bare your soul without fear

As one of the most powerful women in the world, who also happens to be one of its few African American origin billionaires, Oprah Winfrey has been ranked as being a spiritual...

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Reiki healing and its benefits by Pratima Nagaraj of Revive

Today as we are on the threshold of a new age, many people find it hard to adjust to the dynamic changes inherent in our times. Reiki is a tool which will help us to find it...

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