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“I had full support of my family” – Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar

Recently we interviewed Deepika Daga, Founder of Dharohar, which is an online venture of very ...

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Search for happiness within you - Deepa Roy Chowdhury, Founder of Value Life Skills

We recently got the opportunity to interview Deepa Roy Chowdhury, who is a Life Coach and Founder of Value Life Skills. She has made quite a few career transitions in...

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7 Indian Women Find Place in BBC's 100 Most Inspiring & Influential Women of 2019

It’s a proud moment for all Indians as 7 daughters of this glorious country have found place in BBC list of most inspiring and influential women for 2019. From poet to space...

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Ek Kitchen Ho Sapno Ka - top 10 recommendations for dream kitchen

Everyone wants to build a dream home! However a dream home is incomlete without a dream kitchen - Ek Kitchen ho Sapno Ka !   ...

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Detach and find peace

Attachment is what binds our body to the various limitations of earthly pleasures; detachment is what frees our soul, liberates us from bondages and fulfils us with an inner joy...

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Lena Dunham's dresses reflect a style statement that is quirky and unpredictable

She is a trailblazer in her own right, and everything she does, eats, says, and wears is automatically chronicled. It is no surprise therefore, that Lena Dunham, of “Girls” fame...

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The road not taken: speaking out against domestic violence

According to statistical records, every three minutes, a woman is raped, beaten or harassed in some way or the other. This data was released by the National Crime Records Bureau...

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Divorced Women Gain Rights to Property!

Just a few months ago, the Union Cabinet, in a recent amendment to a law, stated that a woman will now get a clearly defined share in her husband’s residential property,...

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